Dear bridal couples,

Welcome to Wedding Perfection and congratulations to your engagement! I'm your wedding planner for weddings in Bavaria, Italy and Halkidiki, Greece.


With attention to detail, individuality and with a tendency towards perfection, I would love to accompany your way towards your dream wedding! You should have a relaxed and unstressful engagement time, you should be able to enjoy this special time and focus on you as a couple and your love.


Together we will plan your dream wedding, the wedding that fits to you and that makes you happy!


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I love my work as a wedding planner and I never made a secret out of it. But what really makes me happy, is to see that my couples got their dream wedding, a wedding as always desired.

I would love to support you individually according to your ideas and wishes.

About me

Behind every company is a person with a story.

So far, my story was not the most usual but exactly this experience has made me what I am today.

As a wedding planner for weddings in Italy and Halkidiki, Greece I have a big connection with this countries. I've lived in both countries and I speak italian as well, this allows me to plan your dream destination wedding!