About me

My name is Franziska Strobl and I am the owner of Wedding Perfection. I am your wedding planner for modern weddings in Bavaria, Italy and Halkidiki, Greece.

I love to discover new cultures on my travels through incredible countries. Beautiful landscapes, fantastic beaches, talks with locals, local food and the urge for something new, inspire me.

Optimistic, cheerful, in love with detail, organized, brave, humurous, responsible, careful, open, curious - all this is me!

My dearest bridal couples, I can't wait to meet you!

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My Way

I am a qualified foreign language assistant and merchant in wholesale and foreign trade. Shortly after my education I noticed already that the chosen direction will not make me happy in the long run.


Because of this, I chose to go abroad for some time. I visited language schools in the USA and in Italy, afterwards I worked and lived in Greece.

When I came back to Germany, I decided to turn my passion for the organization and planning into my career.

Regarding this decision I made a professional development as an event manager and started my own wedding planning business.